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 Born and raised in Guatemala. With over ten years of experience, Pilar has been passionate about the arts her entire life. Caring about beauty and what lies within, starting with the heart and soul of someone's beauty, is necessary. Bringing out someone's captivating looks and showcasing one's features, Pilar has the mastery of putting one face into the spotlight of others.

 "I love to create: create art that not only has an impact on the eye of another artist but also on the person who wears it. Using my hands to achieve this is a gift from life."

- Pilar Vasquez


 Grateful for art and the essence that eludes her, Pilar has been able to work with many people in the industry. She experienced how makeup can empower and change someone's persona.

 "I believe in passion, which is the sole driver of my work. In detailed work that is neatly done efficiently and precise. And connecting deeply with other people.

Makeup for me, is all of this combined." 

- Pilar Vasquez

My Story

(this is a very, very short summary)

 When I was in the age of 6, I started my journey into the world of art. I was very fond of drawing and sketches, mainly focussing on faces and how to layout out someone's makeup. I started evolving as an artist by using a white canvas and crayons, dabbling with paint and oleo. My parents painted some form of art on canvas, which inspired me to dive deeper into creating. 

 I used my notebooks and sketched faces during my free time in middle school and high school. And honestly, even during class, I was sketching all the time. I learned symmetry and details (details are essential to me). While enhancing my drawing skills, I began to go deeper into putting makeup on my sketches.

 I had done some makeup on my face, but not so much. I used to do my makeup with some of my mother's makeup and tools. But, she is the "no makeup" type of woman, which made it hard to practice. 

When my best friend from school asked me to do her and her mother's makeup 11 years ago, I said yes. This was the first time I was doing someone else's makeup in real life. Not on paper anymore. I used everything that I knew at the moment and successfully did her makeup and her mother's.

 Later, I was fully booked for the next year. If you build a great experience with your talents, people will tell each other about that. 

Word of mouth did its job, and the rest, is history. 



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